After meeting at 6am, we will drive to Mengening, a water temple who’s name means “stillness”. There we will undertake a powerful cleansing ritual where you let go of everything which no longer serves you, and take in that which moves you forward.
We will then drive back to Ubud for a delicious breakfast before meeting a local Shaman. This Shaman normally only sees Balinese people as she doesn’t speak English but I will be able to translate for you. She will read your palm, look at your birth date and tap into the energy of your soul to give you guidance and advice on how to move forward with your life. It is a completely unique experience and not one that many tourists get to have!

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Q Who Can Come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend. Parents may also bring children under 2 years of age.

Q Notes

Q What Will They Provide

- Breakfast
- Temple entrance

Q Course Details

- 8 hours total

- 1 meal and 1 ticket

- Offered in English

  • Price Range Rp1,100,000 per person

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