Imagine a beautiful place where you can come hang out with your friends, be yourself, feel looked after, hear great music you know and some you don’t, have a fabulous cocktail like none you have ever tasted, and have a meal of the freshest ingredients and authentic flavors that concludes with a world class cappuccino and a delicious dessert. Imagine, now, that it’s Thai.

After years of exploring the food of Thailand, and intensive cooking with Thai home chefs, the owners of BGF Restaurants are pleased to introduce home style Thai food to Ubud, Bali. Come savor the food, and drink in the atmosphere, among locals, expatriates and the lucky tourists who are in the know about Siam Sally. Defying the myth that first rate Asian food and stylish design rarely come together, owner Gusky Suarsana has once again combined his architectural talents with the magic of the interior design team at Hananto Lloyd to recreate a Thai shop house interior within the frame of a contemporary Balinese structure.

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